2017 Miss Anchorage Pageant!

Hello again!

The 2017 pageant season is coming up and we would love to add you to our little pageant family! We have recently updated our contestant paperwork page with the new contracts, the resume and essay instructions, as well as examples.

We are doing things a little bit differently this year, all paperwork deadlines will be submitted electronically.  Once received, you will receive an email letting you know we have your paperwork, and if any corrections are needed we will include those as well.  Also in that email we will send you a mailing address to send the hard copies too.

All paperwork will need to be sent to missanchorageorganization@gmail.com

If you have never competed in a pageant before, don’t be afraid to! This is a great program that provides many young women with scholarships and service opportunities, not to mention a whole new group of friends. The newly crowned Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields, has been awarded over $90,000 in scholarships in all her years competing in the Outstanding Teen Program and the Miss America Organization.  If that doesn’t give you incentive to compete I don’t know what else will!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  We are here to help! So with that said, here are the deadlines for this years contestants!


  • 2017 Contracts are due December 3rd, 2016 by midnight via email.
    • Please make sure to properly fill out all blank spaces.  Our Organization is the Miss Anchorage Scholarship Program.
    •  Teens will also need to submit their non refundable $100 entry fee to our paypal account at missanchorageorganization@gmail.com
  • All contestant paperwork and monies due January 3rd, 2017.
  • CMN money due January 13, 2017 
  • Pageant day is January 21, 2017 at Bartlett High School!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as this website for updated information!



2016 Miss Alaska Pageant

The 2016 Miss Alaska Pageant took place last Friday, and boy did we have an exciting night! Let me just say, there was some tough competition this year.  Each and every single one of the girls who competed for Miss Alaska and Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen were intelligent, beautiful, kind, and courageous young women.  Any one of them could have held the titles with grace and poise. Our girls worked so hard to prepare for this pageant, and it payed off! We would like to congratulate our Miss Anchorage Marlise Williams on her placement of 1st runner up to Miss Alaska! She was flawless all night and looked amazing every time she walked out on stage. Her talent (Belly dancing) had the audience entranced, and we were too! Congrats Marlise on a superb job at Miss Alaska!

We also would like to congratulate our new 2016 Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen

Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (4)Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (20)


Our very own Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen was crowned Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen 2016! We are so proud of her and are very excited to help her prepare for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen next month in Orlando, Florida!

We would also like to send our congratulations to the Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (9)Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (22)

Kendall Bautista!!!

Our very own Miss Cook Inlet was crowned our new 2016 Miss Alaska! We are thrilled for her and can not wait to see her adventures throughout her year, we know she will do big, great thing! Kendall will compete at the Miss America Pageant this September.

Obviously, we are thrilled to have had our girls win state titles, and to win both of them was more than we ever dreamed of as directors.  We have truly gotten to know each of our girls and they were all deserving of the title.  With our Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen and our Miss Cook Inlet being crowned state winners we are pleased to announce our new titleholders who have graciously stepped up to the plate to fulfill those duties.

Our new Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen is…

Kaleigh Brown - Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC 2016.jpg

Kaleigh Brown!

And our new Miss Cook Inlet is…

Ellie Gottstein - Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC 2016-2

Ellie Gottstein!

We are excited to add these two wonderful girls to our team and to get to know them a little better. We will be very busy this upcoming month getting new group photos, hosting a crowning reception (details TBA), and prepping our state girls for their national competitions.  We will be updating bios for our new girls soon, so stay tuned to get to know them and all they have accomplished!


Meet our new Titleholders!



On January 30 2016, we crowned three new  wonderful titleholders.  From left to right, Miss Cook Inlet Kendall Bautista, Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen Danielle Stam, and Miss Anchorage Marlise Williams. We had a wonderful pageant, thanks to our amazing contestants and family supporters.  We can’t wait to continue our year with these ladies. To learn a little bit about each of our new queens, please scroll over our about tab where you will find a profile for each young lady.

Our girls have been busy prepping for state and making appearances throughout our community. To name just a couple, they participated in the Fur Rondy Parade and the Miss America Serves day where they read books to children in hopes of increasing a love for literacy in our community.

The Miss Alaska and Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen competition is on June 3rd at the Wendy Williamson Theatre and we would love to see you there to cheer on our girls as they compete for the state title.

We will be posting here throughout their year about their adventures, so follow us to see photos and read stories, and also make sure to check out our social media sites listed under our contact tab!

Updates on December Workshops

Thank you so much for all being so wonderful to Hannah during head shots, we truly had a great time and the photos look amazing! As far as getting them back, they will come to me first so I can put them in the program book and once everything dies down from the crazy we will get them out to you for your keeping.

As you know we originally planned to have workshops on December 15 and 17th. Due to holiday schedules, finals, and lack of venue for these we have decided to cancel them and wait till January. I promise you the routines for walking are super super super easy and will not take much practice. The opening number will just be walking patterns as well so again super super easy. Word of advice practice waling in your shoes now! Here are the songs again so you can practice with music, it doesn’t mean you need to walk to the beat however.

Evening: Paradise- Coldplay
Swimsuit: Worth it-Fifth Harmony

Teens- I will try to get a you tube video link out to you before January for your fitness routine- it will be easy to so please don’t stress!

As always, please ask us for help if you need it! With the holidays we will do our best to reply promptly, but we are spending time with our families too so there will be a chunk of days where we kindly ask you refrain from calling or texting and email us and we will get back to you after our break 🙂 EVERYTHING is due JANUARY 11 from 4-7 pm at the BP energy center. If you need any forms etc please get them on here, they are all there for you! If you are unable to meet during that time please arrange a different time PRIOR to the deadline to turn in your paperwork.

Last thing! TICKETS! I will be getting the tickets hopefully on Tuesday this week. I will be giving each girl 10 tickets to start with- remember they are $12 a piece and if you loose them you buy them. I will let you know when I have them and I’ll have you all come pick them up from me at your convenience.

You all are wonderful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Updated Pageant Deadlines and Information

Thank you to those who turned your contracts in to us on December 5th! We are so excited to announce that we have 5 teens vying for the title of Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen and 14 miss vying for the titles of Miss Cook Inlet and Miss Anchorage!

We have lots of important dates coming up so please be aware of them and mark them on your calendars.  Our first important date is December 11th and 12th. These are the days you signed up for head shots with our wonderful sponsor Hannah Kahlman.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for this and bring your payment for the sitting fee.

Next is our rehearsal days on December 15th and 17th.  Location TBA.  They are from 5:30-8 and we will be going over all modeling routines, fitness routine for the teens, and opening number production.  Please bring all your shoes for those areas of competition so you can practice modeling in them.

Other rehearsal days are January 6th, 21st, and 29th. The 6th and 21st are from 5:30-8, location TBA. The rehearsals on the 21st and 29th are mandatory, so please make sure you take off any other engagements you have that day. The 29th will be a full dress rehearsal at Bartlett High School from 5-9 pm.

Just a reminder, all paperwork is due January 11th.  We will be at the BP Energy Center from 4-7 pm. We will not accept any late paperwork, not even by a minute. If you are unable to come at that time, please contact us and arrange a different time prior to the 11th to drop off your paperwork.

We are so excited for our production this year, and look forward to getting to know all of our wonderful contestants!

Upcoming Pageant Information

Welcome to our site! We are currently working on adding all our forms and information, in the mean time please feel free to contact us for more information at


We are holding a workshop this Friday, November 6 from 6-8 pm at the BP Energy Center. Please come and learn about the scholarships available and the areas of competition!

Other important dates to remember:

December 5 2015- contracts due

January 11 2016- all paperwork due

January 15 2016- all completed ad’s due

January 20 2016- CMN money due

January 30 2016- PAGEANT DAY!