2019 Miss Anchorage Scholarship Program

Who will be the next Miss Anchorage and Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen?!

A and M.jpg

We are 15 days away from our deadline to submit contracts! If you are interested in competing please submit a contract as soon as possible. They are available under the Contestant Paperwork tab or you can email missanchorageorganization@gmail.com for more information!

Mark your calendars! The 2019 Miss Anchorage Scholarship Program is less than 2 months away! General Admission tickets are available at the below link. However, if you have a contestant you are supporting make sure you contact them as there is a scholarship for most tickets sold! Contestants will have tickets available for purchase on October 30th.


VIP tickets are COMING SOON. They will be $40.00 and limited quantities.





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