2016 Miss Alaska Pageant

The 2016 Miss Alaska Pageant took place last Friday, and boy did we have an exciting night! Let me just say, there was some tough competition this year.  Each and every single one of the girls who competed for Miss Alaska and Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen were intelligent, beautiful, kind, and courageous young women.  Any one of them could have held the titles with grace and poise. Our girls worked so hard to prepare for this pageant, and it payed off! We would like to congratulate our Miss Anchorage Marlise Williams on her placement of 1st runner up to Miss Alaska! She was flawless all night and looked amazing every time she walked out on stage. Her talent (Belly dancing) had the audience entranced, and we were too! Congrats Marlise on a superb job at Miss Alaska!

We also would like to congratulate our new 2016 Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen

Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (4)Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (20)


Our very own Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen was crowned Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen 2016! We are so proud of her and are very excited to help her prepare for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen next month in Orlando, Florida!

We would also like to send our congratulations to the Miss Alaska

Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (9)Miss Alaska Pageant 2016 Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC (22)

Kendall Bautista!!!

Our very own Miss Cook Inlet was crowned our new 2016 Miss Alaska! We are thrilled for her and can not wait to see her adventures throughout her year, we know she will do big, great thing! Kendall will compete at the Miss America Pageant this September.

Obviously, we are thrilled to have had our girls win state titles, and to win both of them was more than we ever dreamed of as directors.  We have truly gotten to know each of our girls and they were all deserving of the title.  With our Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen and our Miss Cook Inlet being crowned state winners we are pleased to announce our new titleholders who have graciously stepped up to the plate to fulfill those duties.

Our new Miss Anchorage’s Outstanding Teen is…

Kaleigh Brown - Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC 2016.jpg

Kaleigh Brown!

And our new Miss Cook Inlet is…

Ellie Gottstein - Hannah Kahlman Photography LLC 2016-2

Ellie Gottstein!

We are excited to add these two wonderful girls to our team and to get to know them a little better. We will be very busy this upcoming month getting new group photos, hosting a crowning reception (details TBA), and prepping our state girls for their national competitions.  We will be updating bios for our new girls soon, so stay tuned to get to know them and all they have accomplished!