Updates on December Workshops

Thank you so much for all being so wonderful to Hannah during head shots, we truly had a great time and the photos look amazing! As far as getting them back, they will come to me first so I can put them in the program book and once everything dies down from the crazy we will get them out to you for your keeping.

As you know we originally planned to have workshops on December 15 and 17th. Due to holiday schedules, finals, and lack of venue for these we have decided to cancel them and wait till January. I promise you the routines for walking are super super super easy and will not take much practice. The opening number will just be walking patterns as well so again super super easy. Word of advice practice waling in your shoes now! Here are the songs again so you can practice with music, it doesn’t mean you need to walk to the beat however.

Evening: Paradise- Coldplay
Swimsuit: Worth it-Fifth Harmony

Teens- I will try to get a you tube video link out to you before January for your fitness routine- it will be easy to so please don’t stress!

As always, please ask us for help if you need it! With the holidays we will do our best to reply promptly, but we are spending time with our families too so there will be a chunk of days where we kindly ask you refrain from calling or texting and email us and we will get back to you after our break 🙂 EVERYTHING is due JANUARY 11 from 4-7 pm at the BP energy center. If you need any forms etc please get them on here, they are all there for you! If you are unable to meet during that time please arrange a different time PRIOR to the deadline to turn in your paperwork.

Last thing! TICKETS! I will be getting the tickets hopefully on Tuesday this week. I will be giving each girl 10 tickets to start with- remember they are $12 a piece and if you loose them you buy them. I will let you know when I have them and I’ll have you all come pick them up from me at your convenience.

You all are wonderful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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